FRJ 2018

Fundraising Japan 2018, “FRJ 2018”

Make a breakthrough with empathy

Date: March 17 and 18, 2018

What is Fundraising Japan?

You can learn all aspects of fundraising at this event
This is the largest fundraising conference in Asia

Passionate people and community networks will gather at the venue to discuss new strategies and world trends in fundraising.
At this event, anyone can “gain new perspectives”, instead of just “learning”.
You will “want to get involved”, instead of just “finding it interesting”.
We will provide you with many countless new perspectives and experiences with fundraising.
One former participant remarked: The event made my year.
The event participants at this event have increased year by year.

What is Fundraising Japan?
What is Fundraising Japan?

Well-known fundraising leaders will speak at the event

Key Features

・130 national & international top runners as guest speakers

・70 informative sessions with references to the most recent cases

・Captivating Sessions


・New Contacts

・Facilitate Collaborations

・New ideas and approaches to fundraising

Daryl Upsall
Daryl Upsall
Daryl Upsall Consulting International
Alan Hutson
Alan Hutson
The Monument Group
Hiroshi Komiyama
Hiroshi Komiyama
Chairman of Mitsubishi
Reaserch Institute, Inc.
Hiroki Komazaki
Hiroki Komazaki
Founder & CEO at Florence
Haruka Mera
Haruka Mera
Founder at READYFOR, Inc
Kensuke Onishi
Kensuke Onishi
CEO at Peace winds Japan
Tamayo Sunaga
Tamayo Sunaga
President at TRUSTBANK, Inc
 Koji Yoshida
Koji Yoshida
Fundraising Director at
Nanako Kudo
Nanako Kudo
Executive Director Japan
Social Impact Investment Foundation
Susumu Namikawa
Susumu Namikawa
Dentsu Digital Inc.
Executive Officer
Fukao Masataka
Fukao Masataka
Community Foundations Japan
Mie Asai
Certified Fundraiser

You will enjoy the event even during the break time


At FRJ2018, we will have sessions on

・Successful organizations

・World trends

・Evaluations of social impacts


・Business Partnerships

・Sessions for people who have fundraising certificates

Choose the sessions that interest you

To make a breakthrough with empathy

Masataka Uo

Japan faces many issues. It has been 10 years since I began my challenge in Japan: “changing the flow of money in society”. Looking back at these 10 years, I believe that the influence of “empathy” is very strong.

We empathize with impoverished children, abandoned newborn babies, animals who were euthanized, and victims of natural disasters. People empathize with others by knowing their stories. Empathy allows people to unite and change society for the better. Although individual efforts may seem small, together they can lead to breakthrough. I have observed these individual actions in Japan, and believe that empathy has great power to change our society.

By empathizing with those in need, our Certified Fundraisers can incite massive change. We currently have more than 1,000 people who have obtained the “Certified Fundraiser” License. They make a bridge between the sites where the issues occur and the rest of our society. The bridge has been growing and strengthening thanks to increasing membership in our association. Recently, we achieved two major fundraising goals: enacting a law that makes it legal to use money from dormant accounts for social causes, and an expanding in charitable bequests. Now, we need more members to keep moving towards our goals: making breakthroughs in Japanese society.

We will hold FRJ2018 to share new ideas in fundraising with everyone including participants, speakers, sponsors and volunteers. Please visit our event on March 17 and 18, 2018 and experience the power of empathy.

from Masataka Uo
founder and CEO of Japan Fundraising Association



March 17 and 18, 2018

Member Rate Non Member Rate
Early Bird Price
14,000yen+tax 23,000yen+tax
12/21〜2/15 19,000yen+tax 28,000yen+tax
That day 31,000yen+tax 40,000yen+tax


March 17
After Party

*Upper limit is 350 attendees.
Group Registration
Member Rate Non Member Rate
11/1〜12/20 12,000yen+tax 21,000yen+tax


March 17, 2018
Eve Party
19:00-20:30 | Fee:2,000yen | Upper limit is 150 attendees

:Only the participants of FRJ2018 can attend these events.

Our email will be sent to those who completed payment for tickets. This email will be the certificate for participation. Please bring a printed copy of this email to the event.
Please let us know if you don’t receive the email within 10 business days after the payment.

*Registrants for the JFA membership (annual fee: 12,000 yen) may attend this event with the Member Rate.
*Early Bird Sale Price deadline: December 20, 2017
*We can only accept cancellations before February 15, 2018. After this deadline, we cannot accept cancellations under any conditions.
*Please understand that we will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken, even if it is before the deadlines.

The host organization: The Japan Fundraising Association, a specified nonprofit corporation of Japan
Mailing Address: 5-7-12-7F, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 105-0004
Phone: +81-3-6809-2590 / Fax: +81-3-6809-2591 Email:


Komazawa Campus, Komazawa University
1 Chome-23-1 Komazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0012

Closest train station: Komazawa Daigaku Station (Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line)
Komazawa Daigaku Station…7 mins by Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line from Shibuya Station
*Express trains don’t stop at this station. Use Semi-Express or Local trains.


Special Partner 2018 of JFRA

FRJ2018 Sponsorship

Cooperation(Offering venue)

  • 駒澤大学


  • 日本ファンドレイジング協会

We are seeking sponsors for our event. For details, please refer to this link.